IVAR® makes the most organized, ergonomic, and comfortable backpacks.

IVAR is the only backpack made with the patented IVAR-LIFT™ internal design, offering perfect organization, ideal weight distribution, and optimal carrying comfort.

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Most Ergonomic and Comfortable Backpacks Ever | IVAR






Organized and comfortable backpacks, based on a patented design, and perfect for urban travel, business, school, and everyday use.

Average backpacks let your cargo fall to a disorganized mess at the bottom with all the weight on your lower back. It can be difficult to find your stuff and it's certainly uncomfortable. As a solution, IVAR backpack's patented IVAR-LIFT design system is an internal backpack structure delivering superior organization, weight distribution, and superior ergonomic comfort.

IVAR's proprietary IVAR-LIFT packs are the perfect, carry-all backpacks. Originally designed as a book and laptop backpack for university, IVAR backpacks are the ultimate carry-all bags for urban travel, business, school, and as an everyday backpack.

Since its founding, IVAR has become a major contributor of backpacks to in-need youths. Over 2,000 IVAR bags have been donated primarily to school kids in Africa.

IVAR bags start at $69.95 and ship free in the USA.


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