Returns & Exchanges

If you are not happy with your purchase, you may contact us for an exchange or return. Any exchanges or returns must be initiated within 30 days of the original delivery date. The item must be in new and unused condition with the hang tags intact.

How to return or exchange:

First, contact us. Please use our contact form and provide the following information:

(1) Order Number. This is found on the Order Acknowledgement (packing slip) which came with your product.

(2) Contact Details. Your name and phone number.

(3) Confirm Backpack's Condition. Please confirm the item is completely new and the hang tags are intact. 

(4) Reasoning. Please provide a reason for your return or exchange as we want to make our products better. If it is an exchange, let us know which item you're interested in and any questions.

Please allow 1 to 3 business days for processing and our followup. Thank you!

How to ship your return or exchange:

Once we've connected with you about your return or exchange, you may now ship your item(s) back to us. You are responsible for the shipping cost and safely getting the item to us. We are not responsible for any lost in-bound packages. Ship at your own risk. While we have never had an issue, you may want to insure your package. Also, save the tracking number as this may be needed if there's an issue with the delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: The backpack must be shipped in a box that fits it (without folding or squishing). Folding or squishing the bag can damage it, which will make your return null and void. It would be ideal for you to use the same box we shipped your order in.

Address for returns (unless otherwise directed):

IVAR Returns
Attn: Rebecca Koch
2031 Cessna Drive
Vacaville, CA 95688

At this time, IVAR is unable to return shipping fees if there were any.

Include a copy of your Order Acknowledgement with your return. All orders include an order acknowledgement packing sheet. Please include this or a copy of this sheet with your return so that we may know who you are!

Once we have received the return, please allow 3-5 business days of processing to receive your full refund. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Help Me Decide

Which IVAR Backpack is Best for Me?

Differences in Size.

All the current 2017 IVAR backpacks are virtually the same size with the exception of the Urban 20 model. The Urban 20 is 17" tall by 11" wide whereas the other models are approximately 19" tall by 12" to 13" wide. We consider the larger bags "standard day-pack" sized backpacks. The Urban 20 is considered a slightly smaller — yet a great size — backpack.

Which Size is Best for Me? — Size Guide

Our backpacks fit everyone, generally speaking. However, we like to make the following recommendations:

If your height is 5' 7" or taller, we recommend any of the current 2017 IVAR backpack models. Your choice will come down to styling, design, and colors offered — and size. The Urban 20 model is slightly smaller (17" tall by 11" wide) where as the other IVAR models are approximately the same size (19" tall by 12" to 13" wide). If your height is 5' 6" or shorter, we recommend the Urban 20 model. It's our slightly smaller backpack at 17" tall by 11" wide and would fit a body that's 5' 6" or shorter best. For adult women, we recommend the Urban 20 because, generally, it is the most appropriate backpack size for a woman's body. That said, if you don't mind a larger backpack that's 19" tall by 13" wide, one of the other backpack models would also work! For adult men, all the current 2017 IVAR backpacks would fit. As mentioned above, your choice will come down to styling, design, and colors offered — and size.

For smaller children, we recommend the smaller Urban 20 for the reasons expressed above. The Urban 20 fits a smaller body much more appropriately.

Best Choice for Everyday Urban Commuting.

Any of our backpacks would work! Your choice comes down to colors, styles, and size. Please the "Size Guide" above for our recommendations.

Best Choice for Travel.

For travel, you may want more capacity to carry your cargo. As such, we would recommend any of our backpacks. Take in mind that the Urban 20 model is the slightly smaller backpack option, yet still has great capacity. If you are carrying a lot of stuff, we would recommend one of the other models, however.

Best Choice for School or University.

Any of our backpacks would work! Your choice comes down to colors, styles, and size. Please the "Size Guide" above for our recommendations.