Patented Backpack Design

Patented design backpack for weight distribution and file-like organization.

We've reinvented the backpack, delivering a unique and patented backpack design, offering superior comfort and perfect organization.

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The most advanced
carry-all backpack.

IVAR-LIFT® Design: Our patented backpack design uniquely delivers carrying comfort and organization. The Design is a fully integrated internal structure, made of fabric and padding, and accommodates items of virtually any shape and size.

Superior Comfort: Your cargo doesn't fall to a disorganized mess at the bottom of the backpack anymore. The Design's tiered shelves provide ideal weight distribution and load balance for optimal carrying comfort.

Perfect Organization: Imagine a backpack where everything is in its right place. No more digging through your backpack for large or small items. The IVAR-LIFT's file-like design perfectly organizes your cargo and provides the easiest of access.

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Patented Backpack Design