Quality Guarantee

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our bags. IVAR backpacks are known for their high-quality materials, fabrics, and construction. Quality is paramount. IVAR products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing and material defects.

This guarantee does not cover damage by normal wear and tear. Even as we use the strongest and most expensive fabrics and zippers available, if you apply the right amount of force, you can rip-apart any hand sewn product. Yes, if you pull hard enough on a zipper, you can pull the zipper off! As such, our guarantee does not cover accidents, negligence, nor the natural breakdown of colors and materials over time. Any warranty inquiries will be assessed and a warranty replacement will be at our discretion.

Making a warranty inquiry:

If you would like to know if you qualify, please email support@ivarpack.com with the following information: 

  1. Full name, address, and phone number.
  2. Backpack model/style and color.
  3. Approximate date of purchase.
  4. Place (retail store) of purchase.
  5. What happened to the bag — all details.
  6. What you use the bag for.
  7. 1 high-res picture of the entire bag.
  8. 1-2 high-res pictures of the problem area.

We will evaluate the claim as long as all the required information is provided. If you do not provide this information, our associates may not reply to your inquiry. Thank you for your help and providing the necessary information.

Warranty claims can take up to 7-10 business days to process. We will followup with any necessary comments or questions. If the claim meets our guidelines, we will replace your product. Please note we may no longer offer the exact product that's in question and your replacement may be a newer model.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Backpack repairs:

We do not make repairs to backpacks. Our Warranty Process is outlined above. However, if your backpack has a simple tear and you are interested in having it fixed, as a recommendation, we would suggest you locate a local luggage repair shop or sew shop to preform the repair.

Help Me Decide

Which IVAR Backpack is Best for Me?

Differences in Size.

All the current 2017 IVAR backpacks are virtually the same size with the exception of the Urban 20 model. The Urban 20 is 17" tall by 11" wide whereas the other models are approximately 19" tall by 12" to 13" wide. We consider the larger bags "standard day-pack" sized backpacks. The Urban 20 is considered a slightly smaller — yet a great size — backpack.

Which Size is Best for Me? — Size Guide

Our backpacks fit everyone, generally speaking. However, we like to make the following recommendations:

If your height is 5' 7" or taller, we recommend any of the current 2017 IVAR backpack models. Your choice will come down to styling, design, and colors offered — and size. The Urban 20 model is slightly smaller (17" tall by 11" wide) where as the other IVAR models are approximately the same size (19" tall by 12" to 13" wide). If your height is 5' 6" or shorter, we recommend the Urban 20 model. It's our slightly smaller backpack at 17" tall by 11" wide and would fit a body that's 5' 6" or shorter best. For adult women, we recommend the Urban 20 because, generally, it is the most appropriate backpack size for a woman's body. That said, if you don't mind a larger backpack that's 19" tall by 13" wide, one of the other backpack models would also work! For adult men, all the current 2017 IVAR backpacks would fit. As mentioned above, your choice will come down to styling, design, and colors offered — and size.

For smaller children, we recommend the smaller Urban 20 for the reasons expressed above. The Urban 20 fits a smaller body much more appropriately.

Best Choice for Everyday Urban Commuting.

Any of our backpacks would work! Your choice comes down to colors, styles, and size. Please the "Size Guide" above for our recommendations.

Best Choice for Travel.

For travel, you may want more capacity to carry your cargo. As such, we would recommend any of our backpacks. Take in mind that the Urban 20 model is the slightly smaller backpack option, yet still has great capacity. If you are carrying a lot of stuff, we would recommend one of the other models, however.

Best Choice for School or University.

Any of our backpacks would work! Your choice comes down to colors, styles, and size. Please the "Size Guide" above for our recommendations.