Giving Back

With over 2,000 backpacks donated, we’ve become a major source of backpacks to in-need youths primarily in Africa.

Since 2007, we’ve become a major source of backpack donations to in-need youths in the San Francisco Bay Area and far with over 2,000 backpacks donated. Our contributions have exceeded $120,000 in value. A vast majority of our donated backpacks have landed in the hands of school children in Africa. Recently, we learned that IVAR is the #1 backpack brand in a remote village in Africa due to our donations. A gentleman from this village visited us at a past trade show in the USA and delivered the news.

Our backpack donations consist of our main production, high-quality IVAR backpacks — not a lower quality product or defective bags. Some of the primary charities we have supported are:

• Mikes Bike's Africa Program (School Children in Africa)
• The Guardsmen of San Francisco
• The Ritter Center (San Rafael, CA)
• The San Pedro School (San Rafael, CA)
• The Breast Cancer Emergency Fund's "This Old Bag" (San Francisco, CA)

Pictured Below: IVAR backpack students at The School of St. Jude in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.

Africa Program