Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IVAR®?

IVAR is a brand of backpacks based on a panted design (IVAR-LIFT™ System) for superior organization and carrying comfort. The design represents a revolutionary internal structure that's fully integrated into the main compartment of IVAR backpacks. The design delivers perfect organizational access while providing ideal weight distribution and load balance for optimal comfort.

The IVAR name originates from Scandinavia, specifically from the Norwegian village of Skien in Telemark County. Our founder's family originates from Norway.

For more about IVAR, visit our About IVAR page.

Where can I buy one of these great IVAR backpacks?

You may purchase IVAR on this website. You are currently on the official IVAR website — we're the designer and manufacturer of IVAR backpacks. Click here to view our current collection of backpacks.

Which IVAR is the best one for me?

We have a whole page dedicated to explaining which IVAR backpack is best suited for you. Click here to visit our "Help Me Decide — Size Guide" page.

I damaged my IVAR! What do I do?

We're sorry, however, if you damaged your backpack, it will be your responsibility to either repair or replace the item. Our warranty does not cover normal wear or tear or if you accidentally tear it apart somehow.

Does the IVAR company repair backpacks?

No, we do not repair backpacks. If you would like to have your backpack repaired, we recommend you find a local "luggage repair" company via a Google search. In the event of a qualified warranty replacement, we will issue a brand new backpack.

How do I return or exchange my purchase?

We want you to be fully content with your purchase. You have 30 days from receiving the your product to contact us and initiate a return or exchange. Please click here to see our process for returns or exchanges.

Do you offer free shipping?

All USA destination orders from will ship for free via standard Ground service. We have other shipping options, including express options. We aim to ship orders as soon as possible. Please click here to view our shipping options and delivery terms.

How do I clean my backpack?

Use warm water, a towel, and some soap. This is the safest way to clean a backpack.

We've been asked if you can use a clothes washing machine to clean a backpack. This is a touchy subject. We have heard from countless people who reported using their clothes washing machine to clean their backpack with great success. However, one person reported that their backpack's shoulder strap was torn off (somehow... we don't know). As such, in an effort not the become liable for any damaged products, we cannot recommend using a washing machine. If you use a clothes washing machine, please proceed at your own risk. If we were to use one, we would wash on cold with the backpack completely emptied and all pockets opened. But, again, proceed at your own risk. Certainly do not dry your backpack in the dryer.